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June 2018

  • Shipment and project line behavior #Tweak #Shipment #ProjectLine
    In order to answer specific use case it is now possible to add the same project line to several shipments, as well as remove a project line from a received shipment.
    NB: this is Winddle strongly recommends to split project line among different shipments rather than associated a project line to several shipments
  • RFQ Widget - price count display #BugFix #Widget
    Correction on the RFQ Widget display, that was counting historical price on pending price count
  • Filter on filled monetary fields #Tweak #ListPage
    For all monetary fields it is now possible to filter whether are not they are filled (Blank, Not Blank)

  • Week on Winddle pending invitation #BugFix #WeekonWinddle
    Correction of the invitation count calculation

  •  Shipment reception confirmation behaviour #Tweak #Shipment
    In the case where shipment reception confirmation date is set before today, the reception can't be validated unless loading has been confirmed by the buyer

  • Performance Improvement #Performance
    Performances have been improved on Winddle
    => loading time reduced by 2seconds in average
    => query perfromance enhanced by 25%

  • Double count on "Checkpoint Status" widget #BugFix #Widget
    Correct line duplication display due to multiple products/variants on "Checkpoint Status" widget for supervisor role.

  • Activity: show destroyed values #BugFix #Activity
    When a value is deleteted is it now shonw in the activity field.

  • Required document upload on checkpoint #Tweak #Checkpoint
    The required document upload behavior has been unified.

  • Shipment List new design #Improvement #Shipment 
    The Shipment list page has been re-design in order to offer you the best experience and get the best out of Winddle to organize and monitor shipments.
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Product fields filter #NewFeature #Product #FieldsCustomization
    On Winddle it's possible to update product fields based on user's position.
    A filter has been added on product page to allow to filter display fields based on user's role. It is possible to filter "
    All fields", "Only editable fields", "Only empty editable fields"
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • RFQ: Cancel status #Improvement #RFQ
    Request For Quotations can now be cancelled in Winddle.
    => For more details please see detailed article.

  • Product Cancel (& multi cancel) #NewFeature #Product 
    All product can be cancelled either from the product or from the product list page page
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Multi-cancel for project lines #Improvement #ProjectLine #MultiAction
    It is now possible to cancel several project lines in one click.
    => For more details please see detailed article.

  • Re-apply multiple Workflow #Improvement #Workflow
    The project/line manager of a project line is able to update the project line workflow.
    A workflow can be applied to multiple project lines in on click.
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Project name generation #NewFeature #Project 
    Project names ("Mixed Project" & "Purchase Order" project type) can now be automatically generated."
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Drag & drop images on text boxes #NewFeature #Bulletin 
    For all the editing text field in Winddle, a new editor tool has been developed. Images can now be inserted with a drag and drop. Only images format files are accepted.
    If a text field does not accept the image upload, a notification will appear to inform that the action is forbidden.

May 2018

  • Quotation: Auto archived #Tweak #RFQ
    Automatic archive closed quotations (RFQs) after a selected number of days.
    Go to your Company Settings > Quotations > Settings.

  • Product creation from New Project #Bugfix #Product #Project
    Fix the product display for new products while creating a project.

  • WF Template re-apply improvement #Improvement #WF
    The workflow  template computation has been improved in order to manage complex calculation impacting the Gantt display.
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