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July 2018

  • New filter on RFQ#Improvement #RTQ
    2 new filter have been added in order to filter RFQs.
    > filter on RFQs that have quotes or no quotes.
    > filter on the RFQs status

  • Schedule design improvement #Improvement #Schedule
    The design of "Schedule" has been improved in to offer a better user experience in terms of display and features.
    => For more details please see the related article 

  • Pass/Fail checkpoint option behavior update#Improvement #Checkpoint
    The Pass/Faill option on checkpoint has been updated.
    Based on user feedback and in the will to improve the user experience, the behavior of the option has been updated. Previously the checkpoint needed to be validated before the being able to give a result  (Pass, Failed, With reserve). From now on a result is given and the checkpoint is then automatically validated.
    => For more details please see the detailed article 

  • Shipment List improvement#Improvement #Shipment
    The shipment list has been improved and now allows to filter based on shipment type.
    The if documents are attached to a shipment an icon will lead you to the "Document" tab of the selected shipment.
    => For more details please see the detailed article 

  • Global search improvement#Tweak #Shipment #Project
    The global search has been improved and now returns shipment when searching by project name if the project is linked to a shipment

  • Invitation modal showing position #Tweak #ProjectLine #RFQ
    The invitation modal has been reviewed in order to display the position of contact that can be invited on project line and RFQ.

  • Re-send invitation improvement #Tweak #ProjectLine #RFQ
    Invitations have been improved on Project Line and RFQ to enhanced new user invitation management. It is now possible to copy the invitation link (and send it via email for example). It is also possible now to resend the Winddle invitation email every 24h.

  • Review of the default set-up when re-applying workflow#Tweak #WorkFlow
    Based on user's feedback, the default set-up when reapplying a workflow as been reviewed in order to update duration and starting date of checkpoints.

  • Schedule default split #Tweak #Schedule
    In "Schedule" default split has been reviewed in order to get a split of 100% for the first delivery and 0% for the next ones.
    => For more details please see the detailed article 

  • Product Statistics #Tweak #Statistics
    Some new product metrics have been added to the statistics
    => For more details please see the detailed article 
  • SRM Score card #NewFeature #Contact #SRM
    A new feature has been released improve the supplier relationship management (SRM).
    Winddle offers the possibility to create fully custom scorecards based on objective key performance indicators and subjective rating in order to give a full grasp of the supplier relationship which is a blend of objective criteria, experience and human relationship.
    => For more details please see the detailed article (set-up), overview

June 2018

  • Contact company's organization #Improvement #Contact #SRM
    From now on only company's owner is able to link its parent company to an other company.

  • Product Pricing dedicated fields #NewFearture #Product #Price
    The fields "Selling unit price", "Selling Margin" and "Buying unit price" have been improved and are now linked to allow automated calculation of the "Buying unit price" (target).
    => For more details please see the detailed article

  • New Contact selection #NewFeature #SRM
    Contact selection has been re-desisned in order to help user selecting contact based on SRM data (rating, validation etc…).
    => For more details please see the detailed article

  • Shipment "Loading confirmation" option #Improvement #Shipment
    When this setting is enabled, a confirmation will be required from the buyer whenever an order line is added to a shipment before it can be received by the forwarder.

  • Project line quantity - product/variant #Improvement #Statistics #Project
    Statistics has been improved in order to generate statistics on both product and variant quantities.

  • Send project list filter set to Dashboard #NewFeature #Widget #Project
    Filter sets from project page can now be applied to the "Project status" widget on the dashboard.
    => For more details please see the detailed article

  • Product status widget #NewFeature #Widget #Product
    The "Product status" widget gives an overview of the status of all products in Winddle. Really useful for product development it allows to make analysis on product development progress using the associated filters. This widget is also a call to action as you can display the associated products to each status.
    => For more details please see the detailed article
  • Project line add product - new advanced filter #Tweak #ProjectLine #Filter
    When filtering to add product(s) on project line, it is now possible to filter by "Category".

  • Statistics new metric - Target unit price percentage #Improvement#Statistics
    A new metrics has been release in statistics that calculates in percentage the difference between the target unit price and the real buying unit price.

  • Filter's naming #BugFix#Filter
    Correction to fixe the naming of filters on project list and product list pages.

  • Shipment Index - direct link to packing if missing #Tweak #Shipment
    On shipment index page, if there is a warning on loading status, stating that the packing info are missing, when clicking it, the user is now redirected to the packing tab of the selected shipment.
  • Shipment and project line behavior #Tweak #Shipment #ProjectLine
    In order to answer specific use case it is now possible to add the same project line to several shipments, as well as remove a project line from a received shipment.
    NB: this is Winddle strongly recommends to split project line among different shipments rather than associated a project line to several shipments
  • RFQ Widget - price count display #BugFix #Widget
    Correction on the RFQ Widget display, that was counting historical price on pending price count
  • Filter on filled monetary fields #Tweak #ListPage
    For all monetary fields it is now possible to filter whether are not they are filled (Blank, Not Blank)

  • Week on Winddle pending invitation #BugFix #WeekonWinddle
    Correction of the invitation count calculation

  •  Shipment reception confirmation behaviour #Tweak #Shipment
    In the case where shipment reception confirmation date is set before today, the reception can't be validated unless loading has been confirmed by the buyer

  • Performance Improvement #Performance
    Performances have been improved on Winddle
    => loading time reduced by 2seconds in average
    => query perfromance enhanced by 25%

  • Double count on "Checkpoint Status" widget #BugFix #Widget
    Correct line duplication display due to multiple products/variants on "Checkpoint Status" widget for supervisor role.

  • Activity: show destroyed values #BugFix #Activity
    When a value is deleteted is it now shonw in the activity field.

  • Required document upload on checkpoint #Tweak #Checkpoint
    The required document upload behavior has been unified.

  • Shipment List new design #Improvement #Shipment 
    The Shipment list page has been re-design in order to offer you the best experience and get the best out of Winddle to organize and monitor shipments.
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Product fields filter #NewFeature #Product #FieldsCustomization
    On Winddle it's possible to update product fields based on user's position.
    A filter has been added on product page to allow to filter display fields based on user's role. It is possible to filter "
    All fields", "Only editable fields", "Only empty editable fields"
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • RFQ: Cancel status #Improvement #RFQ
    Request For Quotations can now be cancelled in Winddle.
    => For more details please see detailed article.

  • Product Cancel (& multi cancel) #NewFeature #Product 
    All product can be cancelled either from the product or from the product list page page
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Multi-cancel for project lines #Improvement #ProjectLine #MultiAction
    It is now possible to cancel several project lines in one click.
    => For more details please see detailed article.

  • Re-apply multiple Workflow #Improvement #Workflow
    The project/line manager of a project line is able to update the project line workflow.
    A workflow can be applied to multiple project lines in on click.
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Project name generation #NewFeature #Project 
    Project names ("Mixed Project" & "Purchase Order" project type) can now be automatically generated."
    => For more details please see the detailed article.

  • Drag & drop images on text boxes #NewFeature #Bulletin 
    For all the editing text field in Winddle, a new editor tool has been developed. Images can now be inserted with a drag and drop. Only images format files are accepted.
    If a text field does not accept the image upload, a notification will appear to inform that the action is forbidden.

May 2018

  • Quotation: Auto archived #Tweak #RFQ
    Automatic archive closed quotations (RFQs) after a selected number of days.
    Go to your Company Settings > Quotations > Settings.

  • Product creation from New Project #Bugfix #Product #Project
    Fix the product display for new products while creating a project.

  • WF Template re-apply improvement #Improvement #WF
    The workflow  template computation has been improved in order to manage complex calculation impacting the Gantt display.
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