Spreadsheet view

The spreadsheet view enables to visualize project lines data, export it, as well as perform actions on multiple project lines.

Project line data

Project line data as displayed on the spreadsheet view is of three types:


  • Info: project, project line and product level fields (enabled at the Company level) and project line due date, status, and potentially used variants.
  • Milestones: project line's milestones' due dates
  • Dates : Project line's checkpoints due dates.


It is possible to switch from one type of data to the other using the toggle button in the upper right corner of the spreadsheet view.

Custom info view

Each user is able to set one's own spreadsheet structure, choosing displayed columns and their order.

Click on the setting icon at the top of the spreadsheet to access the spreadsheet management modal.

Remove/add columns

To remove a column from the spreadsheet display, click on the cross at the end of its line.

To add a column, click on the link "Add a spreadsheet field" at the bottom of the modal, select the field you want to display in the drop-down and validate your choice by clicking on the orange check.

Order columns

In the spreadsheet management modal, it is possible to order columns with a drag and drop option enabled when one's pointer is placed on the left icon of a line (the pointer then switches to a hand).

Freeze first columns

It is possible to freeze first columns of the spreadsheet so that they are always visible when scrolling to the right.

To freeze columns, click on the lock icon of the last column you want to freeze.

Note: At least the first column is always frozen. If too many columns are frozen, it will not be possible to scroll right on the spreadsheet view.

When switching spreadsheet mode (Info, Milestones, Dates), freeze panes will still be displayed.

Apply changes

Click on Apply changes to close the setting modal and update the spreadsheet display.


Edit from the spreadsheet

It is possible to edit project/ project line fields directly from the spreadsheet view. The editable fields (according to your position and the field characteristics) are displayed in white.

Doucle-click on the spreadsheet cell to enable the typing option and click on ENTER to save the typed value.

If you edit project level fields and the related project has several project lines, the information will automatically be replicated on other project lines of the project.


It is possible to export the spreadsheet view as an Excel file:

- Direct Export (Export shortcut button) exports data of the current page;

- Email Export (accessible from the right of the Export button) exports all pages.

For those two types of exports, three different export options are available:


  • Only info option exports data displayed on your spreadsheet on Info display mode;
  • Info + dates (simple) exports a combined view of Info and Dates display modes including a column with the name of the applied workflow on each project line;
  • Info + dates (detailed) includes the same data as previous option, and for each checkpoints four different columns with its planned due date, its real due date, the delay between both and the checkpoint status. 


Spreadsheet view allows to perform actions on several project lines at the same time. The first step of multi-actions process is to select the different project lines concerned by the multi-action you plan to perform.

All the project lines have to be displayed on the same page. To make the project lines selection easy, you can use filter tab, quick-filtering or projects pagination.

To select a project line, check its box on the left of its row.

Once the project lines are selected, open the multi-actions menu and select the action you want to perform.

Archive project lines

The selected project lines will be archived. For more information about archiving on Winddle, click here.

Checkpoint validation

This feature allows to validate several checkpoints on different project lines in one click.

Step 1

Use the search bar to easily find the checkpoints you want to validate.

Step 2

Select the checkpoints you want to validate. The column due date displays the planned due date of the checkpoint. For more information on the project line, place your pointer on the project name in the last column.

Step 3

Validate your multi-validation. It is not possible to unvalidate massively afterwards, if back-track is needed, checkpoints will have to be unvalidated from each project line.

When multi-action is validated, Winddle checks roles on the selected checkpoints and a result summary will be displayed.

Update checkpoint's due dates

The feature of multiple due dates' updates works in a similar way to the multiple checkpoints validation, with an additional first step in the process: select the new due date you want to set for the checkpoints that will be selected afterwards.



To start the multi-update of checkpoints' due dates, click on the Update button in the bottom right corner.


This feature allows to Cancel several project line in one click. When you cancel a project line it will not be visible anymore, and it will be excluded from "Statistics"


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