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From Project line home, it is possible to access the project line's planning and its activity feed. 

1. Project line planning (list view) 

The upper part of the Project line Home is dedicated to the project line workflow displayed in list mode.

By default, the planning will be displayed by checklist, with the current in progress checklist opened. To see other checklists content, click on their names.

The planning view gives a direct vision of checklists, checkpoints, milestones and tasks' status according to the objects' color:

  • in blue when it is in progress
  • in red when it is delayed
  • in grey when it is not yet started
  • in green when it is completed.

Each checkpoint row displays:

  • the name of the checkpoint
  • its planned due date/validation date and in parenthesis planned/actual duration
  • icons giving advanced information about the checkpoint (see below) 
  • role icon (lock, eye or validation box)

To open the checkpoint view, click on its row.

Icons description

  • Tasks icon informs of potential tasks related to the checkpoint, how many of them are validated, and if any is delayed. Click on the task icon to see the details of the checkpoint's task(s).
  • Comments and documents icons give you the number of comments and documents that have been shared in the checkpoint.
  • Milestone icon is displayed when a milestone is attached to the checkpoint. The color of the icon is related to the milestone's status. 
  • Result icon is displayed on checkpoint with pass/fail option. The icon informs of the result (green when it's passed, orange when validated with reserve and red when it is failed).

Display mode

By default, the list view is displayed "by checklist" (viewed in the planning header) and sorted according to planning critical path (smart sorting).

It is possible to change those display settings, clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner of the planning.

In progress mode will display only in progress and delayed checkpoints (without any checklist header).

Due date sorting will sort checkpoints according to their due dates, without taking into consideration workflow's dependencies. 

Lock the project line's workflow

The project/line manager of a project line is able to lock its workflow so that no planning update will be possible, even if the user has the needed authorization. To lock a workflow, click on the lock toggle.

To unlock a locked project line, click on the lock toggle. 

The lock icon in the header of the project line informs of the lock/unlock state of the project line.

Workflow management

The project/line manager can access the workflow management menu.

From here, it is possible :

  • to lock/unlock the project line workflow (see above)
  • to apply an existing workflow.



Apply an existing workflow

The project/line manager of a project line is able to update the project line workflow.
From the "Progress" tab of a selected project line, click on "Workflow Management"

A pop-up will open in order for the user to set-up the apply set-up of the workflow

1. You can pick an other workflow to apply to the project line

2. You can update the due date of the milestone(s) of the project

3. You can decide whether or not to re-apply the "Start Date"

4. You can decide whether or not to re-apply the "End Date" (delivery date)

5. You can decide whether or not to update project line's milestones/due dates with the new calculated dates.

6-7. Decide whether or not you want to overwrite the duration of existing checkpoint, and the starting date of existing fixed checkpoint.

8. If there are delayed checkpoints you can automatically validate them when re-applying the workflow with this option.

9. Save 

NB: You can apply a workflow to multiple project lines in on click form the project list page using the spreadsheet view.

1. Select the project lines on which you want to re-apply the workflow

2. Click on Multi-Actions > Apply Workflow

If the project/line manager is a company admin, one will also be able from this menu to save the project line workflow as a company workflow template. Saving a workflow as a template will save the planned duration of the checkpoints and not the actual one, their dependencies, potential milestones, existing tasks and delivery checkpoint.

Using this option allows to create a new workflow template or update an existing one by selecting its name in the list. 

2. Activity feed

Below the project line planning is its activity feed, which lists all the actions performed by project line's partners since its creation.

Here is the list of actions which are listed in the activity feed:

  • comment sharing
  • document sharing
  • partner joining 
  • project line's information updating (product change, due date, variants, partners, other)
  • checkpoint's updating (date or duration, status, tasks, problem, behavior or dependencies, addition or removal)

By default only activities of the three first types are displayed on the activity feed of a project line. It is possible to update the activity filter on a line, using the filter in the activity header (see below) or define different default filters in the notifications menu of User settings.

When you leave your project line home, activity feed's filters are automatically reset. 

Activities are sorted by date, the most recent are at the top of the feed. 

Activity information

For each activity, the name of the partner who performed it, and its date are displayed. If the activity has been done on a checkpoint, its name will also be displayed.

New activities (the one performed since your last opening of the project line) have an orange background. They are automatically marked as read when you open your project line home after a few seconds (the orange background disappears). 

Filter on activity feed

It is possible to filter the actions displayed on the activity feed according to their type, date, and state (new or not), using filter menu on the right side. 

To apply/enable a filter on the activity feed, tick its box. It is possible to expand Project line and Checkpoint related filter clicking on the orange arrow. By default if on of those filter is applied, menus will be expanded.

Note: Applied filters on one project line's activity feed will be reset from one connection to the other. 

Add a new comment or file on a project line 

From the top of the activity feed, every partner of a project line can share a comment or a document on the project line.


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