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Product page is accessible by clicking on a product name from Products list, Product area on the tab information on a line project page or search results.

Product page gives an overview of product information, related variants and components, attached documents and the history of all the projects and quotations related it.


The home of a product page displays its characterizing fields (the list of fields can vary from one product to the other according to its category, see the related article on Fields customization) and gives an overview of related variants and components, and activity (projects and rfqs).




On Winddle it's possible to update product fields based on user's position.

Thanks to the filter on product page you easily filter out the fields of the product page based on your user role. You can filter out

  • All Fields on the product page
  • Updatable Fields, to display all the fields that you are allow to update
  • Updatable & Empty Fields, o display all the fields that you are allow to update and that are empty

The icon  on section's header indicates that there are one or several fields that you can update acording to your position in the section.



PDF Export

Clicking on the PDF button in the header of a product will generate a PDF extract of the product file including all its information fields and variants list.

Start a quotation / open existing Quotation(s) or Project(s)

If there is no quotation or project linked to a product yet, a button "Start a new quotation/project" in the upper right corner of its header is a shortcut to launch a new one on this product. 

If RFQs or Projects have already been created on this product, the button Open RFQ/projects will give you access to it directly. 

If several Projects/RFQs using this product exists, the number of them will appear between parenthesis and clicking on the button, you will be able to select the one you'd like to open.





Use this button if you want to create a new product similar to this one. The product creation form will then be pre-filled with all the values of the source product and you will save time updating only the differences. Then click on validate to create your new product.


Clicking on the archive button will make the product inactive. That mean it will be still accessible in read-only mode but it will not be possible anymore to update any related information.

When archived, the product will not be visible by default on the Products list. To visualize archived products, it is necessary to enable advanced option "include archived product" in your products list filter.

An archived product is still in your company products database, meaning that you can access it through search results in the main navigation bar, and it will be taken in consideration in your company statistics.




Use this button if you want to cancel a product. A pop-up will then open in order for you to choose any additional actions on active RFQs and/or projects related to the project.

When a product is cancelled, it is displayed with "Cancelled" status.

A cancelled product is automatically archived, therefore it will not appear anymore in the product list page unless you include the archived products.

You can cancel multiple products in on click form product list page using the spreadsheet view

NB: The statistics include "Cancelled" products by default


Any deletion is final. You will not be able, to access the product anymore, and all the related data will be deleted. Delete is available only if the Product is not used in any project line or quotation on Winddle.

Variants / Components

This tab details the variants and components information of a given product. From here it is possible to create/update/remove a variant or a component.

For more details about Variants, see the dedicated article

Components can be used on Winddle to link different Product pages together. For example, if you are managing both packaging and components and finished goods, you can link the pages of the packaging/components to the page of the finished product to get an overview of its full information, including a simplified bill of material. 


This tab give access to the documents that have been attached to the product. Documents on a product are working exactly as anywhere else on Winddle, you can update, comment and download them.


The history tab lists all the project lines and rfqs that are link to the product. From here, you can access them, or request an access to them if you are not yet participating in those projects or RFQs. 

Product update authorization

The product name, the picture or the fields can be updated by the user who create the product,by the admin of the company or by any manager of a project line which uses the product at any moment, as long as the product is not archived.  






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