How to validate project terms?

As detailed here, the "Schedule" page is a summary of the current terms of a selected project line.

Within the lifecycle of a project (purchase order) you want to validate the terms of the project.

Validate initial terms

The project has been created and the original terms (date, delivery, quantity etc...) have to be validated.

To go to the "Schedule" page of a selected project , go to the project page and click on "Schedule"

Click on "Validate terms"

The terms are validated, the project status is updated and the partners collaborating on the project are notified.

Validate requested change of terms

As detailed here the partners can request change of the project and project terms. When deciding to accept and apply the change to the project and project lines you can validate the terms.

Open the change request

1. By default te option to "Validate the order terms" will be validated

2. Click on "Accept change". The terms of the project and project line will be updated and validated.


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