Project name generation

In Winddle there are 2 ways to name a project

  • you can choose a name
  • you can let Winddle auto generate name (only for "Mixed Project" and "Purchase Order" project type)

Auto generation

To automatically generate a project name in Winddle go to Company Settings > Projects > Settings

1. From this page you can choose to Enable or Disable the automatic name generation

2. Set any prefix you want (eg. PO for Purchase Order)

3. Set the number of digits that will compose the project name (eg. 5 => PO00001)

4. Set the "Current Counter", it will define the first name of your project (eg. choose 8 => PO00008 will be the first name of next created project)

For any new created project its name will be auto-incremented even if a project is cancelled, therefore 2 projects will never have the same name. 


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