Project list overview

1. Link to create a New Project

This link will lead to the Project Creation form. 

If you have already reached your quotas of Projects, as per your current subscription, a popup will appear, preventing the access to the Project Creation form.

2. Project quick filtering

This filter works similarly to the top-level search and provides a shortcut to setup more complex filters. Entering a text here will filter the currently list of projects based on the keywords (space-separated words). The fields taken into account to perform that filtering are:

  • The name, reference, brand, color, collection, theme, material, washcare of any custom field attached to the product or the selected variants in any project line of that project.
  • The project's supplier name
  • The project's name, reference, warehouse, departure place, arrival place, country of origin, transportation mode, final customer or any of the custom fields enabled for Projects
  • The reference or any custom fields enabled for the project line

3. Expand sidebar

Clicking on this button will open the sidebar:

Opening the sidebar doesn't provide any extra functionality, to the exception of changing the number of projects displayed per page. Everything else can be done with the sidebar closed.

The sidebar can be reclosed by clicking on the same button used to open it or by double-clicking on the sidebar content.

4. View switch

The project lists propose 4 different views:

  1. A list, focusing on the current status of the project lines within the projects
  2. A to do, giving an overview of the accurate actions that are to perform soon or recently done on the project lines, and shortcut to work on them directly form the view.
  3. A timeline, putting all the currently visible project lines on a single timeline for quick progress comparison
  4. A spreadsheet, to view the project lines data, export it, as well as perform actions on multiple project lines.

Switching views keeps the current filtering and/or pagination information.

5. Pagination

If the Pagination box appears, it means that there are more than one page worth of projects to display under the current filters. 

It is possible to change the number of total projects being displayed on a single page by first expanding the sidebar, then change the per page setting. This setting will be saved with the currently selected filter tab settings.

Note: it's not possible to set the total number of project lines per page, you may experience slow loading if displaying a large amount of projects containing a large amount of project lines.

6. Filter tabs

An unlimited amount of filter tabs may be created to represent different working views on the Projects. Please see our reference on how to create/update/delete filter tabs as well as the specific filters available for the Projects list.

Filter tabs are saved across sessions.

7. Center view

This is where the filtered projects, using the selected view, will appear. While the projects are loading, or when there are no projects to display, this space may be mostly empty.

Note: although Winddle tries to use all of the available space, there may be instances where scrollbars aren't placed correctly - try to resize your window to force a refresh of the center view.


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