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The To Do view gives an overview of all the Starting soon, In progress, Delayed and Recently completed checkpoints on the selected project line of the open Projects tab and allows to work on those checkpoints without opening each related project line. 

Checkpoints displayed on the To Do view are tailored on the user's position, as per the roles' company settings. One will only visualize checkpoints he/she is able to participate in at least.

Basically, all the actions that one can perform on a project line Home ar accessible from the To Do view : validate a checkpoint, share a comment, upload a file, add a task, update checkpoint's dates...

The columns of the To Do 

Starting soon column gives visibility on the actions that will start soon on the project lines. Checkpoints displayed in this column are planned to start in the next 10 days. They might be already open to validation if they have no parents, in this case, their validation box is displayed in bold, as on a project line home.

In progress column displays checkpoints that are currently in progress. At validation, those checkpoints will automatically moved to Recently Completed. If they are not validated before their due date, they will automatically move to the next column Delayed Checkpoints. The progress bar gives information on the checkpoint's progress (calculated according to its starting and due dates).

Delayed column displays delayed checkpoints.

In those three columns, checkpoints are sorted according to their due date, the closer dates at the top of the list.

Recently Completed column displays the checkpoints that have been validated in the 10 last days. If it is allowed, clicking on the validation box of a recently completed checkpoint will cancel its validation, and will move the checkpoint to In Progress or Delayed column. The last completed checkpoints are on the top of the list.

Actions that you can perform from the TO DO view 

Validate, Comment,Share & Update

It is possible to validate a checkpoint by clicking on its checkbox directly on the To Do view, or by opening its detailed view when clicking on its name.

After validation, the checkpoint will be moved to the Recently Completed column.

Opening the checkpoint's details allows a user to add a task, a comment or a file to a checkpoint from the To Do.

Open a project Line

From a checkpoint's details, it is possible to open the related project line by clicking on the dedicated link.

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