Timeline view

To access the timeline view, on the Projects page, click on the timeline icon in the left-side menu. 

This view enables to visualize your projects lines' checklists on a timeline. Vertical segments on timelines represent checklists, and their color informs you of their progress (completed, in progress, delayed or not started).

1. On the left of each line is displayed the project reference and the product used in the project line. 

2. It is possible to adjust the timeline zoom using the toggle Week/Month/Quarter. 

On Week mode, you will visualize in the timeline's header days, weeks and months of the year. 

On Month mode, you will visualize in the timeline's header weeks, months and quarter of the year. 

And on Quarter mode, only weeks and quarters will be displayed.

3. Placing your pointer on one checklists, you will access detailed information about its starting and ending/completion date and potential current delay. The starting/ending dates of a checklist are the starting date of its first checkpoint and the ending one of the last one, from a temporal and not dependencies-related point of view.


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