List view

1. Project name

This section displays the name of the project and provide a link to the Project Home of this project. In addition, this section may also contain the project reference as well as a label if this project has been archived.

This is the only part of the List view which is concerned with the project, the table below it shows information about the project lines within that project.

2. Project line identification

This section gives a direct link to the project line home for this specific project line. It displays a picture of its attached product as well as the product name, some variants, if selected and the project line planned due date.

3. Progress

This progress percentage gives a rough estimate of the total progress of the project line. It's calculated based on the time elapsed since the start of the project up to the latest validated checkpoint compared to the total length of the project.

This percentage isn't thus directly related to how many Checkpoints have been validated, this information is however also available on hover:


4. Status

This section display the standard status label for Project Lines. In addition, just line on the Project Line page, hovering over the label will provide additional information on the current progress:

5. Next actions

This section lists all the Checkpoints that are currently validatable in the Project Line. Those actions aren't filtered based on your role and authorizations, the list may contain Checkpoints that you aren't personally able to validate.


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