Next actions

The widget Next actions is a daily call-to-action list which displays for each user all the checkpoints and tasks he/she has to focus on. 

Clicking on a checkpoint/task will directly open it on the related project line (displayed in blue when mouse-hovering).

The color code used for the action's due date is the same as everywhere else on Winddle and reflects its status

General information

Actions scope 

The widget Next Actions only lists the actions that can be validated now, meaning that a checkpoint which parents are not yet validated will never be displayed in the Next Actions widget. 

Like anywhere else on Winddle, information on the Next Actions widget is dynamic and will be updated each time an action which has an impact on due dates is completed.

A task is displayed on one's widget Next Actions only if he/she has been assigned to this task.

By default, the actions displayed in the widget are the ones that the user is able to validate, regarding his role settings. This setting can be updated, see section below. 

Time frame

Actions displayed are due within 30 days.

Actions Grouping

Actions are grouped differently according to the selected filter. 

The user can collapse/expand one group by clicking on the group's header arrow.

A shortcut to collapse/expand all the groups at a time is available in the widget's header.

By default, groups are always fully expanded, to change this display setting, refer to the section below.

Group's header

The number on each section's header indicates the number of next actions in the given section.

As a complement, the length of the orange background bar also reflects the number of actions in each section.

Grouping management

To simplify daily decisions and actions, each user can group one's actions according to different criteria. Each criteria corresponds to a section of the action list, wich can be expanded or collapsed.

Empty sections are not displayed.

By Action Due Date

Actions are grouped accordingly to their due date's time frame: 

  • Late (30 days+) : the action was due more than 30 days agoe
  • Up to 30 days late : the action was due between 30 and 7 days ago
  • Due last week : the action was due up to 7 days ago
  • Due this week : the action is due this week
  • Due next week : the action is due next week
  • Due in the next 30 days: the action is due after next week and within 30 days.

By Action Name

Groups are master checkpoints' and tasks' names. They are automatically sorted by alphabetical order.

By Product name

Actions are grouped according to the product they are linked to. One section gathers all the actions linked to one product and all of its potentials variants. When appropriate the variant's name is displayed between parenthesis.

The three following types of grouping are relevant only if products categories, supplier and final customer have been respectively enabled in your company settings.

By product category

The grouping is made according to the product category of the product concerned by the action. When categories are of various levels, sections are built according to the most detailed one.

By Supplier

Actions are grouped by supplier names linked to the project they are part of.

By Final Customer

Actions are grouped by final customer names linked to the project they are part of.

The chosen way of grouping actions is saved from one session to the other. 


It is possible to multi-validate several checkpoints directly from the Next Actions widget. 

First select the checkpoints to validate by ticking them. The Validate button in the widget's header will automatically turn orange, and the number of selected checkpoints will be displayed. 

When you are done with your selection, click on Validate. The multi-validation modal will open, allowing the user to multi-validate "earlier date" if needed. For more information on multi-validation, refer to the dedicated article.

Next Actions settings

Visible actions

By default the widget displays :

- for standard users the actions he/she is authorized to validate;

- for supervisors the actions that are open to validation in the supervised projects.

This default setting can be updated. 

To open the Next Actions settings, click on the gear icon in its header.

For standard users

Other role's scope available are: 

Participate - Only actions that are open to validation and due soon, on which the user has a "participation" role will be listed.

Project Manager - All the checkpoints and tasks the user can validate as a project manager will be shown.

Note: Not regarding the filter, tasks assigned to one user will always be displayed on one's next actions widget if the task is due within 30 days.

For supervisors

Filter's options for supervisors are different. 

Supervisor filter lists all the checkpoints/tasks that can be validated and due within 30 days from the project lines of the supervisor's scope. 

Partner/owner lists all the checkpoints/tasks the user can validate according to his role on the project lines he/she is participating on as an invited partner or project manager.


By default, all the groups are expanded. By disabling this option, all the groups will be collapsed by default.


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