Roles and authorization

As product developments and production processes often include many partners, internal and external, in charge of different issues, Winddle includes an advanced role management system to ensure an optimised collaboration: each partner accesses the right information in details while global visibility is available for everyone. 

Roles system is based on position management: according to his position, each partner will have different access authorizations on his/her project lines. 

To get more information about Positions management, see the dedicated article in the Company Settings section.

Authorization levels on checkpoints

To access a project, a partner needs to be invited to join it, or to be the user who has created it.

Once a user has joined a project line, he/she will be able to visualize the whole project line workflow and every checkpoints' status, but the accessibility to checkpoints details will depend on his/her authorization level on each checkpoint. 

Five levels of authorizations

  • NO ACCESS: means that the partner cannot get any detailed information related to the checkpoint (checkpoint partners, comments and docs). This role is identified by a lock icon on the right end of the checkpoint row. 

  • PARTICIPATE: authorization means that the partner is able to open the checkpoint details (click on the row) and collaborate at the checkpoint level : write comments, upload documents. When information is shared related to this checkpoint, the partner will be notified.

  • VALIDATE: the partner is in charge of validating the checkpoint. He/she will be able to collaborate with every checkpoint partners and validate the checkpoint it is completed.

  • UPDATE: the partner can participate, validate and update the checkpoint due dates and dependencies. If a user has an update role on a project line, he/she will see an edit icon next to the date information when hovering on a checkpoint row.
  • MANAGE: the partner can add/remove checkpoint(s). This authorization level is set by checklist.

Project/Line manager's exception

No matter the position assigned to a user by the company, project managers will always have a full control on the line they have created. 

Project and project line managers can update all kind of informations, including due dates, variants, milestones management. They will be able to invite or remove partners, and update line's workflow as needed. In particular, project managers are the only users able to delete/archive the project, and project line managers are the only one able to do the same on project lines. 

Although there is only one Project Manager for any given project, Winddle will remember the original user who created the project (considered as the actual 'owner'). This gives an opportunity for the owner to delegate (temporarily or not) all of the project manager abilities to another user (of the same company) by changint the Project Manager to someone else on the project home:

A project manager can also give a full management control on a line of his/her project to one or several partners, naming them line managers. To do so, the project manager has to select "Manager" when inviting those partners:


Set exceptions on Checkpoints Roles on one Project line

Roles on a line are automatically inherited from company settings according to the position assigned to each partner, there is usually no need to manage checkpoints authorizations on a project line. 

However, when an exception is needed for a specific project line, Project and Project line managers are able to update those access authorization for a specific line, without it impacting the global company settings.

To check and update roles on a checkpoint, open the checkpoint details and click on the ROLES tab. To update roles level move the slider of each position. To save changes, click on the button at the bottom of the tab. 

To visualize which position has been assigned to the project line partners, it is recommended to expand the left panel of the project line.


Roles on fields

Winddle allows to manage partners' roles on each project and project line fields. 

Those roles are set from Company Settings and not updatable from a given project. 

In the same way as roles on checkpoints, roles on field are based on the partner position.

For more information, see the dedicated part in the Company settings section.






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