Schedule Overview

"Schedule" page is a summary of the current terms of a selected project line

"Schedule" page is accessible from the "Project" page by clicking on "Schedule" button


  1. The Order Lines of the selected project are listed in the "Schedule" page
  2. The "Schedule" page is displaying the milestones of the selected workflow for this project

  3. The other terms of the project line are also displayed. (ie forwarder, freight type, incoterms...) The fields are manageable from the "Company Settings"

  4. The shipments link to eah Order Line are listed. If no shipment exists, you'll see a "Create Shipment" shorcut button

  5. For each Order Line you can open the packing list associated. If no packing list exists, you'll see a "New Packing List" shorcut button
  6. Product of the project line are listed by variants.

  7. If there are several variants/sizes etc you can expend or collapse the view
  8. For each product you can see the quantities splitted by project line (delivery)

  9. When a packing list exists for a specific product & delivery, a packing icon is displayed. If the packing list quantity is different than the planned quantity Winddle will highlight it.

  10. "Accept terms" of the project will validate the project terms and update the project status from pending to validate. (see related article)
  11. The terms and/or schedule of the project line can be amended (see the related article)
    To do so click on "Change Order", as a supplier the button will display "Request Change". 
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