How to request a change of the project line terms?

As detailed here, the "Schedule" page is a summary of the current terms of a selected project line.

Within the lifecycle of a project line the terms and/or the schedule delivery are subject to change and amendment. That could happen because, as a supplier you know you won't be able to meet the agreed reception date, and/or the project line will be delivered in multiple deliveries. Consequently you need to split the schedule delivery.

To go to the "Schedule" page of a selected project line, go to the project page and click on "Schedule"

Click on "Request a change"

You will then access the "Schedule change request" page

1. Detail the reason why you are requesting a change

2. If you re not able to meet the requested date of the milestone, set the date with the one you can meet. 

Request a change to get a multi-delivery project line

3. If you need to split the delivery of the PO, click to split the project line in several deliveries
A pop-up will open. By default Winddle offers to split the existing delivery into 2 (meaning that  you will create a new delivery line, you can update this number if you need more deliveries). By default, Winddle will set the first delivery to 100% of quantity and the following to 0%. This is a shortcut to initialize values, you can update them afterwards.

You can now edit the split deliveries terms

4. Adjust the quantities if needed for each delivery. Winddle alerts you if the total quantity is different from the ordered quantity. That can be used to suggest updated quantities to the buyer.
Winddle also give the possibility to switch quantities between deliveries. Click n the dedicated icon 

5. Once OK, Click « Submit request » button

The Request is now pending and waiting for Buyer’s approval, which has been notified.

NB: The above article is describing the process from the supplier point of view. As Buyer you will follow the same process but the change will apply directly.

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