Checkpoint Status

The widget checkpoint status displays for a given checkpoint (selected by the user) its current status on every project lines it is used and the user works on.

1. Select the accurate checkpoint

When adding the Checkpoint Status widget on one's dashboard, it will be empty. It is required to first select the checkpoint one's want to see the status'.

Select the checkpoint in the drop down menu in the top right corner of the widget. To make it easier find the searched checkpoint quickly, one can start typing its name.Click on it or press ENTER to validate.

The widget will then display a graph informing of the selected checkpoint's current status throughout one's project lines. 

2. Check out the project lines concerned

It is possible to click on one part of the graph to get the detailed list of all the project lines on which the selected checkpoint has a specific status. 

To access the project line, click on the VIEW link.

Note : At any moment, it is possible to switch the selected checkpoint, using the drop down. It is also possible to add another Checkpoint status widget to view at the same time this information for two or more different checkpoints.

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