Dashboard customization

Widgets displayed on the dashboard depend on each user, who is able to select widgets one needs and arrange them as wanted. 

Add a new widget on the dashboard

Click on the "+" icon in the upper left corner and select a widget. 

The widget will appear at the bottom of your page.

To see the detailed description of each widget, please refer to the dedicated articles in this section

Note : If a widget that is not usable several times is already displayed, it will not be available in the drop down list. 

Arrange widget display

The display is based on lines frame, with one or two columns for each.

It is possible to arrange the way widgets are displayed using drag and drop option.

1. Place the pointer on the header of the widget you want to move.

2. Then drag it, a blue zone will appear to help you place it on the right/left column or on a one-column design...

and drop it.

Remove a widget from the dashboard

To remove a widget, click on the cross in its upper right corner.

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