On Winddle, a same product can have different variants. 

Variants differ from each other only on specified fields.

A variant must have a name and a specific value on the specified field. If a value of this specified field has been assigned for the product, a warning  will be displayed on the name of the field on the product level.

Create a new variant

From the product page, click on the Relations tab on the left menu and then on the button Create a variant. 

A form similar to the product one will appear. You will be able to visualize fields that are empty (potential variants criteria) and the ones that have already been filled in at the product level.

You can create a variant with as many variants fields as needed. Name is required to validate the variant's creation. 

Note: if you update a field for which a value has already been provided at the product level, a warning will be then be displayed on the variant creation form (the field name will turn into orange) and then on the product information. 

Once a variant is created, it will appear in the list of variants, and it will be possible to edit or delete it. 

Generate multiple variants

If you need to create several variants at the same time, you can use the Variants Generator. 

To open it, click on the button Generate variants on the Relations tab of the product page. 

Step 1 : Select variances

The first step is to select the fields that are varying. You can select as many fields as wanted. The selected fields will be highlighted in green, once it's done, click on Next button. 

Step 2 : Add values of variances

Enter one or several values for each variance criteria, then click on the Next button. 

Step 3 : Select combination and validate variants creation

All the possible combinations of variants are displayed. If you don't want to create some of them, simply unselect it using the checkbox on the left. For the variants that you want to create, an automatic name has been generated according to its variance criteria, you can update it if needed, and add a reference. Once you're done with your selection and data update, click to Generate, the different variants will then be created and appear on the list of variants. 

List of variants 

The list of variants display the name, the reference and the list of all varied attributes with their value for each variant.

From the list you can directly edit the variant (it will open the form again) or delete a variant if the variant is not used in any project.





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