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Project page is accessible by clicking on a project name from Dashboard, Projects list, Products list or search results.

Project Page gives an overview of project information and its project line(s). From this page, the Project manager can manage one's project (edit project information, archive/delete the project or project line(s), invite new partners...).

1. Project Name and Information

Project name can be updated by the Project Manager at any moment, as long as the project is not archived. 

According to your Company settings, several fields are available to define your projects. The Project Manager is able to update those fields. Each project field can be used as a filter criteria on the Projects list. 

The following fields might not be displayed on your project page, if they have been disabled in your Company settings. 

Specific Project fields:

Project Manager is a user of your company. If you are the Project manager of one project, from this field, you are able to promote one of your colleague as a seond Project manager, selecting his name in the drop down menu. Promoting another Project Manager, you will still keep your project manager control on this project. 

Supplier and Final customer can can either be a factory/company contact (selected from the dropdown), or a simple text value which can be entered directly.

Project type is either a product development, a purchase order or an "other" type.

If specific list of values have been set in your Company settings for some Project information fields, you will be able to select one available value or input a new one.

2. Project Line

A project contains one or several project lines. On the project page, you will visualize to which product is related each project line, their status, their due date and optional information fields. 

Product name and due date can be updated by the Project or Line manager on the Information tab of the concerned project line. 

Project line additional fields can directly be updated by the Project or Line manager by updating the value(s) in this table. 

To go to one Project line Home, click on the Open link on the right end of its row.

3. Project invitation

From the project page, the Project manager can invite new partners to join the project

The project invitation will invite the partners to each line of the project as it is when the invitation is sent: partners will not automatically be invited to any new project lines added to the project afterwards.

4. Archive a project 

The Project manager is able to archive one's project. Archiving a project will have the following effects: 

- The project will be inactive meaning that it is still accessible in read-only mode (Project page and all of its project lines). To update a project information, or do any action on a project line, it has to be first unarchived.

- As the project is unactive, you will not get any information related to it on your Dashboard. 

- The project will not be visible by default on the Projects list. To visualize archived projects, it is necessary to enable advanced option "include archived project" in your projects list filter. 

- The project is still in your company projects database, meaning that you can access it through search results in the main navigation bar, and it will be taken in consideration in your company statistics.

5. Delete a project

Any deletion is final. You will not be able, nor any project partner, to access the project anymore, and all the related data will be deleted. 

6. Manage project lines

From the Project page, the Project manage can add a new project line clicking in the dedicated link. The creation on a new project line follows the same process as in the Project creation form (see related article). 

Clicking on the Settings icon on the right end of a project line, the Project manager can delete or archive the line. Those actions have the same effect on the line than the one explained above.

7. Multi validation

Project page includes Multi-validation feature allowing every partner of the project to multi validate several checkpoints. For detailed information about multi-validation process, see Spreadsheet view



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