Project line overview

Project Line page is accessible from the Dashboard or the Projects list by clicking on a the product name/due date link, or from the Project page, by clicking on the product name or the Open link.


1. Project Line header 

This area displays:

  • the project name
  • the project line belongs to
  • the name of the used product
  • the project line's due date
  • the project line status
  • the lock/unlock status
  • and archive icon if the project line is archived.

By clicking on the project name, the user will go back to the project home.

A tooltip on the status of the project line provides extra information:

2. The navigation bar

The navigation bar allows to switch from one project line to another one of the same project, or to directly select one of them in the drop down list.

Note: When you are on the header area, you can switch from a project line to the previous or next one by using the mousewheel.

3. Expand sidebar

As everywhere on Winddle, the side menu can be expanded by clicking on the arrow at its top, or double clicking on it.


Expanded, the side-menu provides more information about partners : pending invitations, and for each partner, one's name and position.

4. Home

Project Line Home page gives an overview of the project line's workflow as well as the most recent activities. This is the main page on which you will collaborate on a Project Line.

For full details about Home page, click here

5. Information 

Project Line Information page provides following additional information:

  • The product (name, variant use in the project line and product information)
  • The due date information(calculated due date, the applied workflow and the checkpoint used to calculted the due date) and the list of milestones (with their names, their planned due dates and their expected dates, the statuts) and the adding or removing a milestones
  • Price quantity with the total quantity, the total price and the different split used on this project line.

 For full details about this page, click here.

6. Gantt

The Gantt view enables to clearly visualize project line's workflow dependencies, and milestones. This view is also useful to quickly change the duration of a checkpoint using drag and drop option.

For full details on Gantt view, click here

7. Documents 

The Documents page gathers all the documents available on the project line. According to the object it has been attached to (project line, checkpoint or product file), each document will be in an automatically generated folder. 

For full details about Documents tab, click here

8. Partners list

On the lower part of the side menu, you will visualize the list of partners participating in the project line. For each partner, you can see one's name and position on the project line if the side-menu is expanded. By clicking on a partner's icon, a pop over with additional information such as one's company and email contact will open. From here, using icon at the bottom of the pop over, one's can open the partner's contact page or send him/her a Winddle email.

The project/line manager is able to manage project line's partners from this section (invitation, remove, hide..). For more details about partners management, see the related article.  




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