Document List

By clicking on Documents on the sidebar of the project line menu, you will access to the documents page.

Document List

The documents page is the list of all the documents attached or linked to a project line.

Documents can be link to :

  • The product,
  • A checkpoint,
  • The project line.

If the document is attached to a product or a checkpoint, it is located inside a folder which has the name of the product or the checkpoint. If it is attached to the project line, it appears directly on the list. If you have assigned a document to a virtual folder, the folder will be displayed (see folder)

Note: Winddle does not allow to share documents of more than 15Mb each.

View mode

You have 2 view modes:

  • Preview which show items as icons or preview pictures.
  • Table which provide basic information about the document.

On both view mode, you can directly download the file by clicking on the download icon.


Others features

A search bar allows the user to do a search on the name, the owner or the file format of the document. 

By using the upload a document button, you will attach the document at the project line level.

When you click on the name of a document, you open the document page

Document Page

1. Directory path

The directory path will show you on which folder the document is saved.

2. Action menu

You have 4 mains action for all type of files and one more for pictures.


it will download directly the file on your computer.


You can use this feature to upload a new version of the same document.

When you update the document, you will keep the record of all the previous version and the one on which you are currently working will be display in grey in the list of version.


Note: If you have added a description of the version, a tooltip will the description will be available when the mouse is on the information icon at the last column of the table.


Owner of the line, the project or of the document are allowed to delete the document. It remove the attachment from Winddle, along with all its versions. Winddle will ask your confirmation for this action.


Uploaded documents in Winddle are always attached to something (a product, a checkpoint, a project line, ...). Winddle will automatically create a new folder for each of those objects, to help organize your documents in the main documents pages. It is also possible for you to use the Folder tag (see screenshot) to specify an additional folder name: Winddle will then create a new virtual folder in your documents page with the specified name. If you give the same Folder tag to multiple documents, they will all be accessible from this virtual folder, allowing you to group documents around a concept. This virtual folder is only here to help organization of your documents, the documents themselves aren't copied and any change you make to a document in the virtual folder will be visible when accessible to the document from its original, automatically created, folder.


This feature is available for pictures only.

Sketch provides you few basic tools to annotate your picture as Text, Line or Circle each available in different colors.

A modified picture create a new version of the document and all the previous version are still available and accessible from the version list. If you have add a description of the picture you have stretch in, it will be display in a tooltip over the icon .

3. List of version

For each document, a list of all the version is display.

The list include the user who have uploaded the document, when the document have been uploaded and any description which have been added to a version will be display in a tooltip over the information icon 

If you are the owner of the project or the line or the owner of the document or tis version of the document, you can delete the version by clicking on the thrash button. Winddle will ask confirmation for this action.

The version which are currently displayed in the preview appears in light grey.


For pictures and pdf, a preview is displayed. 

For pdf file, the number of page and action next page and previous page are available.

For others types of document, the preview will be an icon showing the type of document.



You can discuss with all the user which have acces to the document.

The privacy of the document  is mention above the list of version.All the comments have the same privacy level as the document.

A user can reply to a previous discussion or start a new discussion.

Replies are placing under the original discussion and a new discussion is display on top of the discussion area.



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