What are workgroups?

Workgroups on Winddle are a convenient way to group a few users (partners or employees) who frequently work together on a project to be able to invite them just by inviting the workgroup.

How to access workgroup settings?

To access the workgroup settings, open the main user menu, select Company settings, expand the User management group and click on Workgroups.

Managing workgroups

Creating a workgroup

To create a workgroup, click on Add a new workgroup, enter a name and validate:

Once the workgroup has been created, it is added to the list and is ready for edition.

Editing a workgroup

Editing a group allow to add/remove users from the workgroup. To do so, first enter the Edit for the workgroup you would like to update by clicking on the Edit button:

You can then add a user by clicking on the Select a user selection box, searching for the user you'd like to add and validating. 

A new row will be added on which you can define a position for this user if none has been set in the Positions settings.

You can remove the user from the workgroup by clicking on the remove button.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, you need to save the workgroup changes by clicking on the Save button in the upper right corner.

You can reset your changes before saving by clicking on the Cancel button, next to the Save button.

Note: if you only want to rename the workgroup, you can click on the name, enter a new name and validate. 

Deleting a workgroup

To delete a workgroup, just click on the Delete button in the header of the workgroup.

Note: deleting a workgroup will not remove the users from project they already joined or cancel any pending invitations sent by selecting this workgroup.

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