Positions on Winddle

Positions allow to group partners and employees under a common label which represents their set of roles / authorizations on Winddle. People with the same position will be able to do the same things on Winddle, unless they have been granted special rights (exceptions in Roles, or other special status, such as being the owner/project manager of a project).

On Winddle, positions are set at the company level: the position of a given employee will be the same in every project, quotations or any other interaction this employee has with any objects of the company. As such, managing the list of positions as well as managing the position for each employee and partner is done in the same place, in the company settings.

How to access to the positions settings?

To access to the settings, open the main user menu, select Company settings, expand the User Management group and select Positions.

Managing positions

Position management overview

The Position settings screen is made up of 3 main parts:

  1. The list of all the positions in the company (1), with a label counting the number of users currently assigned to that position (2). By clicking on positions in this list, you can switch from one to another.
  2. Once a position is selected, the top part (3) is reserved to manage the position itself (renaming, deleting)
  3. Below the header are listed all the users currently assigned to this position (5). A set of filters is also proposed to help filter through this list (4).

Creating a new position

To create a new position, Click on the Add a new position button in the top left corner, enter a name and validate. The position will be created (no user will be assigned to it) and will automatically be selected. 

To assign users to this position, you have to re-assign already known users to it - which is done as explain in the assigning a different position to a user section.

Renaming a position

To rename a position, first select it from the list, then click on the position name in the header (underline). Update the name and validate.

Deleting a position

To delete a position, just click on the Delete button in the header for that position (the header will appear after selecting the position from the list on the left):

Note: It's not possible to delete a position to which users are currently assigned. In that case, the delete button will be replaced by an In Use button. First re-assign the users to another position, then the delete button will appear.


Assigning a different position to a user

To assign a different position to a user, first select the position to which the user is correctly assigned, then select a new value from the Position dropdown. Once the new value has been selected, the user will be transferred to that position and the changes apply instantly.



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