Product Statuses

By default, Winddle offers three different values when the field Product Status is enabled (Draft, Sample and Validated). 

If needed, it is possible to set custom product statuses in the Products section of the Company Settings. When custom product statuses have been created, default Winddle values are no more available. 

Create custom product statuses

Click on "Add a new product status" and type its name. Validate and it will be added to the list. 

There is no limit on the number of product statuses that you create. 

Ordering Product Statuses

When you create a new product, by default the Product status will be the first one of your list. To update the order of the product statuses, use the Drag & Drop icon on the left. The order of the product statuses in your Company settings is the one that will be used in the field drop down to select a value. 

Link Product status to Milestones validation

An option is available to get an automatic update of your Product statuses according to the progressive validation of milestones on the related project lines. 

To do so, link a given product status to one of the milestone used in your Company workflows.

Note: We recommend not to link your first product status to a milestone, so that it corresponds to the default status of your product, while no milestone has been validated yet. 

Milestone link behavior rules

  • For a given product/variant, if a milestone which is linked to one status is validated, automatically, its status will switch to the linked value.
  • The order of product status in the Company settings determine the temporary order in which the milestone should be validated. If it's not the case, the product status will not automatically be updated from on product status below to another one above in the list. In the same logic, a product status of the settings list can be skipped.
  • The status update is live, meaning that if after a milestone validation on a given project line, you update the attached product/variant, it will have no effect to both previous and newly attached product's statuses.
  • As the product status can be a criteria of variance, if a project line is linked to one or several given variants of a product, and the validated milestone on this project line is linked to an "inferior" product status than the one at the product level, it will automatically update it only on the concerned variants.
  • If a milestone is passed on a variant project line, which is linked to a status "higher" than the current one on the product and variant, it will update both of them consequently. 




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