Pricing fields

Fields are the basic unit of information on Winddle.

Pricing fields have been thought as whole to help you define and track price targets. It is composed of 3 fields

  • Buying Unit Price
  • Selling Margin
  • Selling Unit Price

Product Page

On the product page the 3 fields are linked to each other in such way that when you fill in the "Selling unit price" and your "Selling margin" Winddle can automatically calculate the target "Buying unit price".

If the auto calculated "Buying Unit Price" is overwritten a tool-tip is highlighting  the expected unit price based on the "Selling unit price" and the "Selling margin"


The same fields can be activated as part of the RFQ (they won't be visible by the suppliers submitting there quotation).


1. Go to your company settings

2. Then go to Customization > Fields

3. Select "Request (Quotation)"

4. Set "Target Price" to visible => Buying Unit Price, Selling Margin, Selling Unit Price will be visible on the RFQ as follow.

The behavior of the fields on the RFQ is a little bit different than on the Product page. The link between the 3 fields is made to keep consistency between each other, thereby updating one of the field will automatically re-calculate the other 2.

Product page and RFQ link

The pricing fields are "linked" between the Product page and the RFQ. 

When selecting a product a a part of a RFQ the "Pricing Field" are inherited from the product page and can then be edited.

When selecting a quote, Winddle offers you to update the product page with the selected price. If the selected price if different than the "initial" "Buying unit price" a tool-tip  highlighting  the targeted unit price based on the "Selling unit price" and the "Selling margin".



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