How to book & confirm the delivery of product?

The final step to complete a shipment is to take delivery of the goods at the warehouse.

The process occurs in two step, first an appointment is booked with the warehouse in order to take delivery of the goods, and then the delivery of the goods is confirmed.

Book the delivery appointment

When there is no delivery appointment booked you get an warning on the shipment "Home" page and on the shipment "Delivery" page

To book the delivery date

1. On the selected shipment go to “Delivery” tab
2. Set the date ad time of the delivery appointment
3. Click on "Confirm booking" to confirm the date and time of the appointment

Confirm the delivery of the goods

You'll be able to confirm the delivery of the goods at the delivery time date

1. Just click on « Confirm Delivery » from the «Delivery» tab 

The shipment step is now updated, showing as complete, and the partners are notified

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