Chart toolbar

The toolbar is available only on the main statistics page, not on the dashboard.


  1. This label is displayed when some limits on the data has been added (TOP/BOTTOM)
  2. Click on this label to see the list of all the applied filters on the source data
  3. Click on this button to use the analysis function
  4. Click on the buttons to change the chart display type. Only the available options are displayed, if some options are missing, please check the settings.
  5. Click on this button to view / edit the settings of the chart
  6. Click on this button to send this chart to your dashboard. The chart can only be sent once and the buttton will no longer be available if this chart is already on your dashboard.
  7. Click here to download this chart as an Excel file - the result will look similar to what you'd get in Table view, including the totals / transposition options
  8. Click here to delete the chart (must be owner of the chart or company admin for a company chart)


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