Analysis function

Winddle Statistics offer an analysis function to further filter the current chart or drilldown on a specific value and continue the analysis. The analysis function is available to every user as long as they can see the chart - even if they can't edit it. The changes made during the analysis are temporary.

The analysis works on Table, Pies, Bars and Lines chart.

To start the analysis, click on the Start Analysis button:

Once the analysis has started, you can click on points of the graph to see more options:

The window offers two main options:

  • Exclude a value: this will exclude the current point from the chart. This is useful to remove outliers impacting an average, or to increase visibility on the remaining values.
  • Fix and drilldown: with this option, you need to select a new dimension. This dimension will replace all the current dimensions and filter the source data on the current dimension with the selected valued. In other words, this allow to start a new chart with the same metric, the selected replacement dimension, and some filters to restrict the source data to the data that generated the point on which you clicked. 

Once the choice has been made, you can click on Apply and the updated chart will appear. You'll see a summary of the analysis made at the top - you can navigate back to the initial state or a previous step at any time. 



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