Product List overview

1. Link to create a New Product

This link will lead to the Product Creation form. 


2. Filter tabs

An unlimited amount of filter tabs may be created to represent different working views on the Products. Please see our reference on how to create/update/delete filter tabs as well as the specific filters available for the Products list.

Filter tabs are saved across sessions.

3. View switch

The project lists propose 2 different views:

  1. the thumbnail view, which allow a better vision of the product pics and display the name and if the product as variant the pictures of the first variants.
  2. A list, which display major significant information like the name the reference, the variants the category and the projects and quotations on which this product is used. 

Switching views keeps the current filtering and/or pagination information.

4. Pagination

If the Pagination box appears, it means that there are more than one page worth of projects to display under the current filters. 

It is possible to change the number of total products being displayed on a single page by changing the per page setting. This setting will be saved with the currently selected filter tab settings.

Note: it's not possible to set the total number of product lines per page, you may experience slow loading if displaying a large amount of products c.

5. Center view

This is where the filtered products, using the selected view, will appear. While the products are loading, or when there are no products to display, this space may be mostly empty.

6. Thumbnail

The main picture is the picture of the product, on the bottom Winddle displays the pictures of variants if you use variants and if you apply picture on them.

On the top right corner, you can see on how many project lines and on how many quotations this product have been used


Note by  clicking on this button you reduce the sidebar.
The reduce sidebar don't allow to change the number of products per page.

The sidebar can be reopen by clicking on the same button used to open it or by double-clicking on the sidebar content.


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