Creating/editing a Company

Creating a new company

Accessing the form

To access the form, click on the plus icon, then select company in the side menu.

Filling out the form

The form is straightforward, here is a rundown of the main sections:

  1. The name is the first and only required field to fill out - everything else is optional. Once the name is entered, the contact can be created.
  2. The Activity and Industry are two standard fields used to sort out contacts, try to fill them out!
  3. You may enter multiple addresses, but only one primary address. The address can be complete or just include the country or city and country. This is important to later split your projects or quotations per country based on this address and the link between this contact and other Winddle's objects.
  4. This section contain all the additional fields you have enabled from your company settings for companies 
  5. Click here to create the contact once the name and any other field has been filled.

Editing the company

Adding/changing the cover photo

To change the photo of a company, click on the Change button below the photo, select a new file, then click on save.


Relations for actual Winddle companies/users are automatically populated by relations on Winddle (partnerships), but for newly created contacts, only visible in your company, it is possible to set some relations manually to help navigation in your contact list.

To access the relation tab, click on its icon in the sidebar menu:

To add a relation with another contact, click on Add a relation, then search for the contact. Finally, validate to add the relation:

The two contacts are now linked and you can access the other contact by clicking on it:


To access the document tab, click on the document icon in the sidebar menu:

Documents that are shared publicly on a company page linked an actual Winddle account, such as your own company page will be visible to anyone else who can access your company page. Private documents will only be visible to other people from your company (internal).

The document tabs works the same way as anywhere else on Winddle and offer similar views and options.


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