Contact list overview

Accessing the contact list

You can access the contact list from the top menu, by clicking on Contacts:

Elements of the contact list

The contact list follow the usual Winddle structure for lists:

  1. Click here to access the new Contact form to add people, companies or factories to your company contact book
  2. From here, you can create filtered views and switch between them
  3. Click on the icons to access the different views (list, map and spreadsheet)
  4. This is the pagination box - it only appears when there is more than a single page of contact to display based on the current filters.

Filtering contacts

Change the filters/sorting of a filter view

To change the filters that apply in any filter view, click on the down caret icon to expand the filter view definition:

You'll then be able to select a group of fields relevant for contacts (the actual list will depend on the fields you have activated), then a specific field and finally you'll be able to enter a value (or other settings, for specific fields).


Click on the add button (plus sign) and the filter will be added to the list of filters:

You then need to click on the "Update" button to apply this new filter. 

Note that the name of the filter view has automatically changed now that it contains a filter - it no longer will display all the contacts, only those matching the filter.

In the filter box, you can also update the sorting used for the contacts - change the sorting, then click on update.

By clicking on the "x" next to the filter you will be able to remove it.

Create a new filter view

To create a new filter view, click on the + sign at the end of the list of currently created filter views:

After clicking, a new filter view tab will be added. It will not be saved until any changes have been made to it (sorting, list of filters, etc.).

Note: to switch to this newly added tab, click on it or open it and click on "Use this view". 

Removing unused filter views

To remove a filter view, open it as if to edit the filters/sorting and click on "Remove this view". 

Note: it's not possible to remove the last filter view.

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