The contact spreadsheet is a stripped down version of the Project spreadsheet - it displays all of the company/factory enabled fields and doesn't allow editing. 

You can access it by opening the third view on the Contacts tab:

Custom Contacts info view

Each user is able to set one's own contacts spreadsheet structure, choosing displayed columns and their order.

Click on the setting icon at the top of the spreadsheet to access the spreadsheet management modal.

Remove/add columns

To remove a column from the spreadsheet display, click on the cross at the end of its line.

To add a column, click on the link "Add a spreadsheet field" at the bottom of the modal, select the field you want to display in the drop-down and validate your choice by clicking on the orange check.

Order columns

In the spreadsheet management modal, it is possible to order columns with a drag and drop option enabled when one's pointer is placed on the left icon of a line (the pointer then switches to a hand).

Click on APPLY CHANGES at the bottom to validate your update.

Freeze first columns

It is possible to freeze first columns of the spreadsheet so that they are always visible when scrolling to the right.

To freeze columns, click on the lock icon of the last column you want to freeze.

Note: At least the first column is always frozen. If too many columns are frozen, it will not be possible to scroll right on the spreadsheet view.

Apply changes

Click on Apply changes to close the setting modal and update the spreadsheet display.


Clicking on the export button in the top right corner will generate an Excel file with all the contacts filtered as seen on the current page. To export all the pages, select the option Email Export from the drop down menu on the right - you will receive the Excel export by email as soon as it is proceeded.


Clicking on the Import button will open a modal window where you can import either User or Companies. Those contacts will be only visible in your company contact list.

Note: it's not possible to import Factories at the moment.

Importing involve a few steps:

  1. Select the type of contacts you want to import
  2. Click on "download the sample file", this will download a CSV file with the proper format for the import, you just need to update the CSV with your data and save it as a new file
  3. Select this updated file by clicking on Choose file
  4. Click on import
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