Special periods

What are special periods?

Companies often have specific periods during the year where the global operations are impacted in some way, for instance, closing periods for financial activities, maintenance or frozen windows for software development, etc.

On Winddle, those periods are gathered under the umbrella term of Special Periods. By registering them on Winddle, they will appear on the relevant Checkpoints in your Project Lines, giving some additional context to both your employees and your partners. 

How to access special periods settings?

To access your company special periods settings, open the main user menu, select Company settings, open the customization group and then select Special periods.

Usage example 

Assuming that a Closing period has been set to start on June 23 and to end on June 25, the following can be seen on the Gantt:

Within the Supplier selection checkpoint, the following message can be seen:

Managing special periods

Adding a special period

To add a special period, enter a name, a starting and ending date (dates are inclusive). Then click on the Add button.

Changing a special period

Special periods can be changed at any time. To do, click on either their name, starting date or ending date, enter the new value and validate.

Removing a special period

To remove a special period, click on the Delete button on that special period's row.

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