Validation workflows

Supplier validation workflows

Validation workflows are a key part of Winddle's SRM module. They represent all the necessary steps (called phases) to be taken in order to validate that your company is able to work with another supplier.

At its core, a validation workflow is only a name for that validation workflow and list of step names along with their scoring weight.

When a contact is added to your company's contact list on Winddle, if your company has defined any validation workflows, you'll be offered the option to apply this workflow - this will create a collaboration space with all the steps you have defined in that validation workflow.

The validation workflow, in addition to provide a global pass/fail status to your contacts, also provides a way to define a custom rating system where each step can have a different weight and receive a score, in order to compute an overall rating for the contact.

Accessing the validation workflow settings

To access the validation workflows settings, open the main user main, select company settings, then expand the Supplier menu and select Validation.

Managing your validation workflows

Note: changes aren't saved until you press the Save or Create button in the top right part of each workflow panel:

Creating a new validation workflow

Click on the New validation workflow button in the top left corner, enter a name and validate:

An empty workflow will be added to the list, with no validation phases:

This workflow will not be saved until at least one phase has been added and the Create button has been clicked.

Adding a validation step

To add a step to a validation workflow, click on the Add a step to this validation workflow text at the bottom of the validation workflow you want to modify. Enter a name for that phase and validate by pressing enter.

The changes will not be saved until you have clicked on the Save or Create button.

Removing a validation step

To remove a validation step from the workflow, click on the trash icon at the end of the validation step row.

Note: deleting a step will not delete the corresponding step in all the contacts already using this workflow.

Renaming a step

To rename a step, click on its name, update it and press enter.

Scoring weight

The scoring weight is used to calculate the weighted average scoring of a contact based on the score on each individual phase of the validation workflow. The values themselves do not really matter as it is a weighted average, as long as the proporition between them on a given workflow are correct: it's the same to enter 1 for one step and 5 for the other, or 2 for one step and 10 for the other, etc.

To change the weight, just click on the value, update it and press enter.

Deleting a workflow

To delete a validation workflow template, just click on the Delete button in the top right corner, next to the Save / Create button.

Deleting the template will not impact in any way already existing contacts, even if this template has already been applied to them.

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