Partners management

Winddle is all about collaboration and partners are fundamental in Winddle.

A partner is any user, of your company or external, who is working with you on a project or quotation. 

Invite a partner to join Winddle

Invite a new employee to join your company on Winddle

Only admin users of your company will be able to add a new employee to your company's Winddle account. A new employee joining your company on Winddle will access your company's products list on Winddle and will be able to create new products, quotations and projects and benefit from your company configuration (fields, workflows...).

For more information about employees management, click here.

Invite an external partner to join your Winddle projects

To invite a new external partner to join Winddle, you have to invite him/her directly on the first project/project line you want him/her to participate in.

Invite a partner to join a project/project line

Invitations on a project/project line are managed by the project/line manager(s).

Invitation on a project is a short cut compared to sending invitations from each project line of the project. A partner invited at the project level will be invited on all the project lines of the project existing when the invitation is sent.

Open the invitation modal

It is possible to open the invitation modal at the project creation or afterwards from project home, by clicking on the Invite button in the top right corner, or from the project line home, by clicking on the last icon of the left-side menu.

Invitation modal

Add a partner

To invite a new partner, select one's name in the drop down, or type one's email if it is a new external partner. 

It is also possible to invite a workgroup, which shortens the invitation process when several partners often work together. To select a workgroup, click on the workgroup toggle on the right and then select the workgroup's name in the drop down. 

Once selected, the user/workgroup will be displayed below with one's assigned position. If you are inviting a new partner, you will be able to assign him/her a position. This position will be one's default position for future invitation to your company's projects/project lines.

Delete an invitation

To delete an invitation, click on the remove button on the partner row.

Visible and Manager options

By default, every partner invited on a project/project line will be visible, that means that other project partners will be able to visualize his/her name and position and different actions performed, according to one's role. 

If you want to hide a partner from other partners, you can disable the visible option. Only project/line manager will be able to see the invisible partners. For others action performed by an invisible partners will not be displayed in the activity feed.

In the invitation modal, it is also possible to set a partner as line manager, by clicking the Manager box. 

Advanced invitation's options

For invitation on a project line, which belongs to a project with several project lines, it is possible to enable an option to send the same invitations on every line of the project. 

It is also possible to add a personal message to the automatic one generated by Winddle, if you want to give additional information to new partners. 

Send invitations

To send invitations, click on validate in the bottom right corner of the invitation modal. 

Partners will then appear in the section pending of the partners list in the left-menu (expanded mode).

Manage project line's partners

By clicking on partner's icons in the left-side menu of a project line, it is possible to promote, hide, and remove a partner. 

1. Remove a partner / Cancel an invitation

To remove a partner from a project line, click on his icon on the left menu, and then on the cross in the right bottom corner of the pop up. 

Once a partner has been removed from a project, he will not be able to access it or get notifications on its activity.

If the invitation is stills pending, it will disable the link contained in the invitation, and the partner will not be able to accept it.

2. Hide/unhide a partner

The eye icon means that the partner is visible for every partner of the project line. If you want to hide it so that the partner is not visible in the partners list for other patner ant that performed actions are anonymized, click on the eye icon. It will switch to a struck trough icon.

To unhide a partner, click on the struck through icon.

3.Promote a partner as project/line manager

As a project manager, it is possible to promote a partner as a project/line manager. Only internal partners can be promoted, and it is possible to promote only one partner as a project manager. Promoting a partner as a project manager will not delete your project ownership, you will keep the full control on your project. 

To get full details about how to promote a project partner, click here



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