How to create a new project?

Every user of your company is able to create a new project.

To create a new project, from the Projects page, click on the Add icon in the upper left corner.

You will then access the project creation form. 

1. Name your project by clicking on the project name, typing a name and validating

2. Fill in the project's fields. If specific values have been set for a field, you will be able to select a value in the drop down or add a new one, typing it directly and then press ENTER.

3. Select or create the product used in the first project line of the project.

By clicking on the (empty) field, the list of your company products will appear. To quickly find the one you want to use, you can use the typing search. 

It is possible to create a new product through the project creation form, by typing its name and press ENTER.

4. If you have selected an existing product which has variants, they will be available in the Variants column. It is possible to specify if the project line concerns one, multiple or no specific variants of the selected product.

5. Select the workflow you want to apply to the project line. The drop down will list Winddle's default workflow and your company's workflows templates. It is also possible to create a project line with no workflow, by selecting Empty workflow

6.When selecting the workflow, the due date of the project line will automatically be filled in according to the workflow's duration. It is possible to update this due date, by clicking on it and selecting another date in the calendar.

Note: It is not possible to start a project line in the past. By default the starting date is set as the date of the day, but if you do not want to start working right away, you can select a future date in the calendar.

To add another project line in the same project, click on the Add a project line link or Copy the already existing one and then update it. 

There is no specific constraint on different project lines of the same project, they can be related for example to the same product, and have different due dates, or concern different products with different workflows but same due dates... The only criteria is to validate that all the project lines are consistent with project's fields. 

While there is no limit on the number of project lines in one project, Winddle doesn't recommend to create more that about 5 lines in the same project.

Note: It is possible to add new project lines to a project after its creation from the Project Home

7. It is possible to invite partners to join a project at its creation. Partners invited through the creation form of a project will be invited on all the existing project lines of the project when the invitation is sent. 

To add partners to the project, click on Invitations header to expand it and add partners by selecting their name in the drop down menu or typing their email. 

For more information about invitations, click here.

To validate the creation of your project, click on Create in the upper right corner of the form.

After validation, if fields on the project lines have been enable by your company, they will be displayed, and you will be able to fill them in. At any moment, you can update any project/project line information from Project Home.

To start working on a project line, click on its row, or on the Open link on its right end. 

Copy an existing project to create a new one

If you need to create a new project which is highly similar to an existing one, you can use the COPY button in the top right corner of its home to save time. 

It will replicate all the fields values in the new project creation form, you then only have to name your new project and review the form before creating it.

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