As an Admin, you can manage the Employees (internal users) of your company from Company Settings > User Management > Employees. 

How to add a new user to your company? 

To add a new user, click on the button INVITE AN EMPLOYEE, and fill in your employee's email.

After entering your employee email and sending this form, your employee will receive an email with a link to join your company on Winddle.

Note : People outside your company should not be be invited following this process. As external partners, they might be directly invited on a Contact, a project, a quotation, etc.

How to remove a user? 

It is not possible to delete a user from your Company on Winddle. If a user might not / do not need anymore to get a Winddle access, you should DISABLE his/her account. 

To do so, click on the toggle ACTIVE/INACTIVE on the right end of the users's line. 

Transfer Ownership

The Ownership Transfer option allows you to transfer the ownership of all Winddle objects from on employee to the others. This will enable a user for example to access and manage all the perimeter (projects, quotations...) of a former employee. The Ownership Transfer has no effect on activity feeds. Past activities completed by a user always stay associated to the name of this user.


Set an employee as a Supervisor gives an access in read-only mode to all the Projects and Quotation created by the users of your company, without being namely invited on them. 

Set a Supervision scope on Projects

It is possible to restrain the access of a Supervisor to a limited scope of your company's projects. 

Click on the drop down and create the projects filter using either Checkpoints, Product, Project, or Project line criteria (filter is working as anywhere else on Winddle, you can combine multiple criteria if needed). For example, if you want a manager to supervise one's team projects, you can set a filter on Project > Project Manager and fill in with the name of one's team mates. 

Note : To avoid weird situation (creating a project which is not in one's supervising scope for example), a Supervisor is not able to create new projects.


Admins are the employees of your company who are able to manage your Company Settings. There might be at least on Admin per company. Employees that are not Admins can access your Company settings in read-only mode.


Enabling Account option for a user of your company will give him/her access to your company Winddle account management and invoices. From Account menu, you can upgrade your Winddle Subscription and download your invoices. 


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