Working days

How are working days handled in Winddle?

As described in the article on date calculations, working / non-working days are used to transform durations in business days into actual durations in calendar days. By default, every day is a working day on Winddle.

Currently, there are two ways to tell Winddle that some days are non-working days:

  • Skipping Saturday and Sunday. This is a global toggle for company, which will consider every saturday/sunday of the year as non-working days.
  • Adding non working days one by one for specific days, such as national holidays

In all cases, it's important to only make changes which may impact the future dates, not the past dates of validated checkpoints, otherwise, Winddle will not have the correct context to calculate the dates of checkpoints which have already been validated.

Note: the "Skipping saturday/sunday" option is especially dangerous as enabling/disabling it will impact the correctness of all the already validated checkpoints in your company. It's recommended to make a decision regarding its use at the beginning of your use of Winddle.

How to access Working days settings

To access the Working days settings, open the main user menu, select Company settings, open the Customization group and then select Working days.

Skipping Saturday/Sunday

To consider every Saturday and Sunday as non working days, click on the Automatically skip Saturday/Sunday checkbox. The change will be saved right away.

To disable this option, just uncheck the checkbox.

Managing specific non working days

Current list of non working days

The current list of non working days is displayed at the top of the Working days page.

Adding a non working day

To add a non working day to the list, enter a name for the non working day (such as the name of the holiday) as well as the date, with the YYYY-MM-DD format. Then, press the Add button. The non working day will then be added to the list.

Deleting a non working day

To delete a non working day from the list, just click on the Remove button on the day's row.

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