What are product sizesets?

Product sizesets are a way to manage one of the most common case of difference in product variants: the available sizes. By creating sizesets and assiging them to categories, Winddle can automatically bring up the list of available sizes where useful as well as propose different shortcuts, such as allowing to split price and quantity per size in project lines.

Accessing the sizeset settings

You can access your company sizeset settings from the main user menu, then company settings, expand the Products menu on the left and finally, select Sizesets:

Enabling/disabling sizesets

On the product sizeset settings page, you can see if the sizesets have been enabled for your company at the top of the page:

To enable or disable the sizesets, you need to access the Fields page in Customization, select the Product group and activate (set as Visible) the Sizeset field:

To disable the sisezets, you need to select Disabled, on the same page.

Managing sizesets

Adding a new sizeset

Click on , enter a name and validate. The name of the sizeset must be between 1 and 32 characters long.

Renaming the sizeset

To rename a sizeset, click on its name, edit and validate.

Changing the list of sizes

Once a sizeset has been created, by default, it doesn't contain any sizes. To set the list of sizes and/or modify it, click on the value in the List of Size column, and enter a list of sizes. Once a size has been entered, press enter to add it to the list or click on the cross to remove it from the list. Once the list is correct, validate to save.

Changing the associated categories

When no categories is selected, the sizeset is available for every product, without or without a category. To limit a sizeset to certain categories, click on the category selector and select one or more values.

Changes are saved as soon as you select/deselect a category.

Deleting a sizeset

To delete a sizeset, click on the Delete button at the end of the line.


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