Product selection

The product selection interface can be opened from multiple locations in Winddle, usually with a button "Add product" or "Manage products". The main purpose of this interface is to select new products ("add to the selection"), but it can also be used to remove currently selected products. 

There are 3 main sections in this interface:

  1. The top part is where you can search, filter and sort the list of results
  2. The left part shows the available results: click on the product or the variant to add it to your selection
  3. The right part shows your selection, either the new selection (the "Selected" bucket) or what has been previously selected (the "Already selected" bucket). You can click in this list to remove the product from the selection.

Product or variants?

As a reminder, a variant is always a variation of a parent product. The structure has been defined in your product catalogue, but usually the product will contain most of the details and the variant will only specify a few specific differences, like a size, a material, a color, etc.

In most cases, if you need details at the variant level (for instance for quantities in a project line, or different quoted prices in a RFQ), add the variants (use "Add all variants" shortcut if you need all of them), otherwise add the product. 

Note that this restriction is only for product and variants, related to each other, it's perfectly fine to select one reference at the product level and some other references at the variant level!

Searching for products

The main way to search for products to add/remove is to use the search bar. It's the same search bar as the one available on the Product list's (left sidebar).


If the search is too broad, it's possible to combine it with filters. Click on the "Advanced filters" below the search  bar and create your filter - it works similarly to the filters on the Product list's filter tab.


We have also added one very common filter which can be toggled by clicking on "Own products" - it will combine to the search and other filters to further restrict on products that you own. 

Adding/removing products

The basic process to add a product is as follow:

- Search / filter until you can see your product or variant in the left area

- Click on the product or variant you want to add

- It will appear in the bucket on the right "Selected"


- Click on Update at the bottom to confirm your new selection. 

To remove a product, it depends if it's a product already selected (it was already selected on the RFQ, Project Line, Mix, etc before you opened the window) or if it's a product you have just added (by clicking on it in the search results).

If you want to remove one of the already selected product, click on the "Already selected" bucket header and then click on the product you want to remove. Then update your selection by clicking on the "Update" button at the bottom:


To remove a product you have just added to the selection, it's similar, except that it's done from the "Selected" bucket.

New product

If you want to add a product which doesn't yet exist on Winddle, you can first create it from your Product list, or you can use the shorcut in the top right corner for convenience.  




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