How to fill a quote form?

When you click on "Submit a new quote" a quote form (custom by your client according to their own process) is displayed. 

You have a list of field at the top. 

If you are quoted on several products in the same quote, the value of those fields must be valid for all products (otherwise, submit another quote to clarify the potential different conditions). 

You can add information in the text zone if needed, and share documents.

The second part of the quote form is dedicated to price details. 

For each product/variant, the requested quantity (or range of quantity) is displayed. You have to fill in your leadtime to produce the item, the unit price and MOQ. When a quantity range has been set by the buyer, the MOQ is filled in by default, and you can offer scaled price for different quantities. 

It is also possible that the buyer requires more information about the total cost from you - as shown on the screenshot for example (components). 

Those field(s) have to be filled in with the additional cost of the detailed element.

You save your quote as a draft if you need more time before publishing it. 

When you are ready to submit it o the buyer, click on "Publish". 

The buyer will be notified and access your offer.

You will be able to update it afterwards if needed.

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